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Formanova - Kupatilski nameštaj i nameštaj po meri

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Nameštaj po meri - Kuhinje

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Our shop offers a wide range of  fittings at reasonable prices.

Fittings: hinges, slides, table legs and plinths, castors, brackets, locks, fitting systems, caps, screws, fittings and slide rails, hooks, knobs, closet lifts and a variety of furniture handles.
We cut all sorts of panels.

We offer : more than 100 patterns of chipboard, MDF, veneered MDF, panels , raw chipboard, veneered chipboard, block board, plywood, water resistant plywood, OSB of different thickness , worktops, panels, edges - custom, ABS( of different width) and veneered edges.

We apply edges at your request.

We offer a wide range of  quality stainless steel sinks ( Metalac- Serbia, or of famous Greek and Turkish brands ) as well as granite sinks – at request only.


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2 268,00 RSD each Mono blok



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